Rachel Flowers – Hearing Is Believing

Rachel Flowers lost her eyesight at 3 months old. At two years she picked up the melody for “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” on the piano and learned to play every song she heard shortly after. Rachel began her formal training at 4 1/2 through the Southern California Conservatory of Music, studying piano, music theory, ear training, music history, Braille music code, and adaptive computer music applications.

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Splice Beatmaker & the Hype$h!t REMIX Competition

Technology is making huge strides for producers and music lovers all over the world. This was going to be the theme for today’s release but I just received without a doubt the sickest use of the Hype$h!t samples so far. Jeremy Conundrum Bliss came through today with this insane mix using the Hype$h!t Drum & Bass pack available HERE on Zivxiz!

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Who Owns The Future Of Music?

As the century unfolds, professional music production drifts away from million dollar recording studios, into the hands of those who welcome the technology openly. In the last decade we’ve seen an underground culture of electronic music emerge from the sweaty, intimate taboo of blacklight bass fantasies, out through the art and styles of billions worldwide to nest in the comfort of the main stream. Much of this can be attributed to technologies once coveted by an elite few, now accessible to those with enough patience and vision to build their binary cloud sculptures as high as their imaginations can take them.

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ASMR: Changing The Way We Think About Music

Your dad flipping the pages of his newspaper when you were a small child.. Someone leaning in behind you to whisper in your ear.. A gentle trickle of water or a just audible breeze.. It’s similar yet different for each of us.. It’s the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR). A physical response; tingles on the back of your neck, for instance; triggered by the often unexpected audio/visual experience. Your brain releases a cocktail of chemicals, making your body feel happy and content. Different folks have different triggers but most share a common theme of soft noises and gentle movements. Probably derived from time spent in the womb.

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Gabriel Caetano – In Between Stations

This week’s release features Gabriel Caetano who writes, performs and produces music in Brasília, Brazil. Well known among the global digital music community as someone who openly shares his skill and inspiration with others, Gabriel also challenges himself by performing heartfelt covers of artists his FB followers choose by vote on his youtube channel. He teaches music production technology workshops at his home studio and offers resources for producers and composers on his blog Gabinete Modular (Modular Cabinet). Family, community, love and appreciation shine brightly in what he puts into the world, and it’s an honor to have him as a featured artist.

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